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Press Release

‎70 Lewis and Roca Attorneys Named 2014 Best Lawyers in ‎America®‎

August 15, 2013

Lewis and Roca is pleased to announce that 70 attorneys have been selected for ‎inclusion in the 2014 edition of The Best Lawyers in America®. As a firm, Lewis and Roca is Top-‎Listed in the United States in Gaming Law.

The firm’s Arizona offices are Top-Listed in Administrative/Regulatory Law, Communications Law, ‎Gaming Law, Insurance Law, Patent Litigation, Real Estate Litigation, Regulatory Enforcement (SEC, ‎Telecom, Energy) Litigation, Municipal Law, and Technology Law.‎

Additionally, three lawyers have been named a 2014 “Lawyer of the Year:”‎

  • Linda C. McNulty has been named the Best Lawyers’ 2014 Tucson Real Estate Law ‎‎“Lawyer of the Year.”‎
  • Robert G. Schaffer has been named the Best Lawyers’ 2014 Phoenix Antitrust Law ‎‎“Lawyer of the Year.”‎ 
  • Jesse B. Simpson has been named the Best Lawyers’ 2014 Phoenix Litigation-‎Regulatory Enforcement (SEC, Telecom, Energy) “Lawyer of the Year.”‎

Lewis and Roca attorneys named to the 2014 edition include:

PHOENIX: Amy Altshuler (Real Estate Law), Ann-Martha Andrews (Insurance Law and ‎Personal Injury Litigation- Defendants), Bryant D. Barber (Municipal Law and Public Finance Law), ‎Edwin Barkel (Commercial Litigation and Litigation-Securities), Stephen M. Bressler (Insurance ‎Law, Mass Tort Litigation/Class Actions-Defendants and Product Liability Litigation-Defendants), ‎Thomas H. Campbell (Administrative/Regulatory Law and Energy Law), Carla A. Consoli ‎‎(Environmental Law and Litigation- Environmental), Dale A. Danneman (Bet-the-Company ‎Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Litigation-Antitrust, Litigation- Intellectual Property, Litigation- ‎Patent and Litigation- Securities), Kimberly Demarchi (Appellate Practice), Scott D. DeWald ‎‎(Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions Law and Securities/Capital Markets Law), Glenn D. ‎Forcucci (Tax Law), Susan M. Freeman (Appellate Practice, Bankruptcy & Creditor Debtor ‎Rights/Insolvency & Reorganization Law and Litigation- Bankruptcy), Brent C. Gardner ‎‎(Bankruptcy & Creditor and Debtor Rights/Insolvency and Reorganization Law and Litigation- ‎Bankruptcy), Sean D. Garrison (Copyright Law, Litigation- Intellectual Property, Litigation- Patent, ‎Technology Law and Trademark Law), Richard N. Goldsmith (Arbitration and Mediation), ‎Michael T. Hallam (Administrative/Regulatory Law and Communications Law), Gregory Y. Harris ‎‎(Government Relations Practice), Stephen M. Hart (Gaming Law and Native American Law), ‎Frances J. Haynes (Construction Law and Litigation- Construction), Steven J. Hulsman ‎‎(Insurance Law and Personal Injury Litigation-Plaintiffs), Lawrence A. Kasten (Appellate Practice), ‎David E. Manch (Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law), Joseph E. McGarry (Litigation- Construction), ‎Robert H. McKirgan (Bet-the-Company Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Litigation- Bankruptcy, ‎Litigation- Intellectual Property and Litigation- Real Estate), Linda M. Mitchell (Real Estate Law), ‎Thomas J. Morgan (Litigation- Securities), Randall S. Papetti (Bet-the-Company Litigation, ‎Commercial Litigation, Litigation- Antitrust, Litigation- Banking & Finance, Litigation- Real Estate, ‎Litigation-Regulatory Enforcement (SEC, Telecom, Energy)), George L. Paul (Information ‎Technology Law and Technology Law), Craig W. Phillips (Commercial Litigation and Mass Tort ‎Litigation/Class Actions-Defendants), Foster Robberson (Product Liability Litigation- Defendants), ‎Robert F. Roos (Construction Law and Litigation+ Construction), Bruce E. Samuels (Commercial ‎Litigation, Copyright Law, Litigation- Intellectual Property, Litigation- Real Estate and Trademark ‎Law), Robert G. Schaffer (Antitrust Law, Appellate Practice and Litigation- Antitrust), Mary Ellen ‎Simonson (Education Law), Jesse B. Simpson (Bet-the-Company Litigation, Commercial ‎Litigation, Litigation- Regulatory Enforcement (SEC, Telecom, Energy) and Litigation- Securities), D. ‎Randall Stokes (Real Estate Law), J. Henk Taylor (Bankruptcy & Creditor Debtor ‎Rights/Insolvency and Reorganization Law and Litigation- Bankruptcy), Jennifer Van Kirk ‎‎(Copyright Law and Trademark Law), Kenneth Van Winkle, Jr. (Real Estate Law), and Jon ‎Weiss (Commercial Litigation and Litigation- Real Estate).‎

TUCSON: Rob Charles (Bankruptcy & Creditor Debtor Rights/ Insolvency and Reorganization Law ‎and Litigation- Bankruptcy), Abbe M. Goncharsky (Employment Law-Management and Litigation- ‎Labor & Employment), John Hinderaker (Commercial Litigation, Litigation- Land & Use Zoning ‎and Litigation- Real Estate), John N. Iurino (Commercial Litigation, Litigation- Intellectual Property, ‎Litigation- Mergers & Acquisitions and Litigation- Real Estate), Roy W. Kyle (Banking & Finance Law ‎and Mergers & Acquisitions Law), Linda C. McNulty (Litigation- Real Estate and Real Estate Law), ‎D. Douglas Metcalf (Tax Law), Andrew D. Schorr (Real Estate Law), Lewis D. Schorr (Real ‎Estate Law), S.L. Schorr (Land Use & Zoning Law, Litigation- Land Use & Zoning, Litigation- Real ‎Estate and Real Estate Law).‎

LAS VEGAS: W. West Allen (Trademark Law), Anthony N. Cabot (Gaming Law and Information ‎Technology Law), Howard E. Cole (Employment Law – Management, Labor Law – Management ‎and Litigation – Labor & Employment), P. Gregory Giordano (Gaming Law), Von S. Heinz ‎‎(Commercial Litigation, Litigation – ERISA, and Litigation – Labor & Employment), John L. Krieger ‎‎(Trademark Law), Scott Y. MacTaggart (Corporate Law), Michael J. McCue (Copyright Law and ‎Litigation – Patent), Daniel F. Polsenberg (Appellate Practice and Commercial Litigation), Karl ‎Rutledge (Gaming Law), Thomas G. Ryan (Commercial Litigation) and Dan R. Waite (Litigation-‎Banking & Finance). ‎

RENO: Michael G. Alonso (Gaming Law and Government Relations Practice), Paul A. Bible ‎‎(Gaming Law), Sean M. McGuinness (Gaming Law), David L. Mousel (Gaming Law) and E. Leif ‎Reid (Commercial Litigation, Litigation-Real Estate)‎

ALBUQUERQUE: Jeffrey H. Albright (Administrative/Regulatory Law, Communications Law, ‎Environmental Law and Litigation-Environmental) and Dennis Jontz (Commercial Litigation, ‎Corporate Law, Litigation-Real Estate and Real Estate Law).‎

SILICON VALLEY: Frank S. Hiscox (Advertising Law).‎


First published in 1983, Best Lawyers® is based on an exhaustive annual peer-review survey of the ‎legal profession. The current edition of The Best Lawyers in America® (2014) includes more than 4.4 ‎million detailed evaluations of lawyers by other lawyers.‎