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Make Lewis Roca Rothgerber LLP A Part of Your Future

On September 1, 2013, Lewis and Roca and Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons combined forces to create one of the largest law firms in the West, with approximately 250 lawyers in nine offices within Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wyoming. We provide a comprehensive suite of transactional and litigation services to local, regional, national, and international clients. We invite you to take advantage of the challenging work, friendly environment, and stunning scenery we enjoy here in the Southwest and Rocky Mountain Regions.

Lewis Roca Rothgerber recruits nationally and is seeking diverse individuals who have strong personal commitment, not just to the law, but to all the pursuits that give their lives purpose and meaning. The strongest common thread among our lawyers and new recruits is a sense of purpose and an interest in making a real contribution to their firm and community. 

Our Phoenix, Denver, and Las Vegas summer programs are geared toward providing students with a realistic view of associate life. Our summer associates receive training in research and writing, ethics, advocacy, and effective communication. We also offer our summer associates a chance to participate in internal education programs and external opportunities such as depositions, hearings, meetings with clients, corporate closings, and trials. Finally, we teach our summer associates that work without balance and collegial interaction is not a productive way to practice law. Our social activities provide meaningful interactions with partners, associates and staff. In short, we run a summer program that is oriented to give you an honest perspective of what it means to be an attorney at Lewis Roca Rothgerber.  

Each of us at Lewis Roca Rothgerber has a slightly different reason for being here, just as we have different practices, lifestyles, and points of view. We are proud of our firm and look forward to telling you more about where we came from, why we are here, and why we stay. If you want to know more about Lewis Roca Rothgerber, the strength of our practices, and the lifestyle of successful professionals in thriving Rocky Mountain and Southwest communities like ours, please contact Mary W. Kiley, our Director of Lawyer Recruitment at


Welcome to Lewis Roca Rothgerber. 

On September 1, 2013, Lewis and Roca and Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons formed a winning combination with complementary legal practices, compatible geographies, and a strong reputation in its practices and markets.

Today, Lewis Roca Rothgerber continues to expand in response to the demand for its legal experience and growing clientele. We cast a wide net in pursuit of stellar legal talent and seek to recruit not only through traditional sources, but also by focusing on and identifying connections that lead us to quality candidates throughout our communities. Our people make a difference. We recognize that each other’s strengths and abilities are the foundation of our firm’s high legal standards and commitment to client service.  We pride ourselves on investing in talented people and believe that Lewis Roca Rothgerber is the firm where you can reach your full potential. To those exceptional individuals looking for a rewarding place to work, I invite you to explore what our firm can do for you. On behalf of Lewis Roca Rothgerber, our lawyers, staff, and myself, thank you for taking time to learn more about our firm. 
Best Regards,

Kenneth Van Winkle,
Managing Partner

DIVERSITY - We Value Diversity

Lewis Roca Rothgerber’s commitment to diversity is longstanding and recognizes the value that each of us brings to our firm and its clients. We look for diverse lawyers with outstanding academic and personal achievements, and a commitment to practicing law at the highest levels. 

For every background and every strongly held opinion, you will find its opposite, often just one office away. You will be encouraged to defend your viewpoint and perspective. The result is clearer, more powerful legal thinking and a more stimulating workplace.

Statement on Diversity

Diversity Writing Internship Programs: Lewis Roca Rothgerber continues a tradition of supporting diversity through increased educational opportunities for minority and women law students, maintaining a commitment to hiring lawyers from different backgrounds, and assisting all of our lawyers to fulfill their individual potential. We provide generous support for programs designed to increase the diversity of the bar and the communities in which our lawyers practice.

The purpose of our diversity writing internship programs is educational in nature and designed to foster the interns’ overall development. No offers of employment are guaranteed or promised. Nevertheless, candidates who are successful in the program may be considered for additional job opportunities with the firm, at the firm's discretion, on a case-by-case basis.

Phoenix: The Maricopa County Bar Association and the State Bar of Arizona Committee on Minorities and Women in the Law collaborate with various law firms to promote the recruitment and retention of minority lawyers in Arizona. Lewis Roca Rothgerber works with second-year minority law students from the Arizona Summit Law School and Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University during the spring semester to improve students' writing skills and to expose students to real world clerking assignments in a private firm setting. In late October and early November, we interview the students and make our selection. The selected students begin clerking at the firm in January and are provided a $4,000 scholarship.

Tucson: The Arizona Minority Bar Association - Minority Writing Program Clerkship provides second-year law students with practical clerking experience in private law firms in Pima County, Arizona. The experience complements the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law writing program by enhancing the students’ legal writing and research skills while exposing them to the private law firm environment. The Arizona Minority Bar Association coordinates this program to provide a liaison between the students involved in the program and the law firms providing associate-level writing and research projects.

Las Vegas: The Diversity Committee of the State Bar of Nevada, in partnership with the William S. Boyd School of Law, created the Professional Development Fellowship Program. The purpose of the program is to provide diverse students of the law school with an educational experience by pairing them with local legal employers with a long-term goal of increasing diversity in their hiring and retention. Participating employers provide students with assignments designed to build practical legal skills.

Denver - Nosler Scholarship: Lewis Roca Rothgerber is committed to making the legal profession more diverse, inclusive, and reflective of our society and the clients and communities we serve. With that aim, the firm established the Michael D. Nosler Scholarship. The scholarship honors and recognizes our former Managing Partner, Michael D. Nosler, who demonstrated an unwavering commitment to diversity in the legal profession.

This scholarship program provides an opportunity for a talented diverse second-year law student to receive $10,000 towards his or her third-year law school tuition upon completion of a paid clerkship during the second semester of the recipient’s second year of law school. In addition to financial assistance, the scholarship program is designed to provide the recipient with a learning experience that will develop and enhance his or her legal writing skills and provide exposure to the private law firm environment and the real-world practice of law -- thereby promoting the educational and professional development of the recipient.

The program is competitive; one recipient will be selected each year from either the University of Denver Sturm College of Law or the University of Colorado School of Law. Candidates are evaluated based on their law school and undergraduate academic records and performance, extracurricular activities, leadership attributes, work or real-world experiences, a written personal statement, and letters of recommendation.

NOSLER Scholarship Overview      NOSLER Application


In addition to Lewis Roca Rothgerber’s commitment to the Bar and to the community, we recognize that pro bono work provides significant benefits to both the firm and its attorneys. By providing pro bono legal assistance to individuals of limited means and the organizations that serve them, our lawyers gain invaluable experience and a greater appreciation for the role of law in society. In addition, pro bono representation instills a deep sense of community service in the hearts and minds of those who serve. 

Pro bono representation is an essential opportunity to increase the confidence and competence of our young associates. In pro bono cases, our associates gain experience chairing matters and making strategic decisions that directly affect the course of litigation. They get additional opportunities working with clients and interacting with opposing counsel and the courts. This, in turn, builds their confidence as practitioners and provides invaluable on-the-job training. Lastly, pro bono matters give associates the opportunity to work and interact with partners in other practice areas and with whom they may not normally work. Our partners take an active interest in these cases and provide advice and encouragement along the way.

Pro Bono

CULTURE - Our Shared Values Are the Firm's Foundation

Lewis Roca Rothgerber has a culture of teamwork, cooperation, and dedication that enables us to deliver exceptional legal services, achieve superior results, and build longstanding client relationships. We attract and retain the highest caliber legal talent who share our values of integrity, respect, collaboration, accountability, and leadership, and our lawyers have extensive experience across a wide range of disciplines, from business transactions to intellectual property to complex litigation. Our firm culture is aimed at nurturing these qualities and it encourages a congenial work environment balanced with a highly productive practice. The foundation of our success is, and will continue to be, the dedication of unparalleled attorneys and professional staff.

Although each Lewis Roca Rothgerber office has a slightly different composition and feel, the firm is united overall by its focus and commitment to providing legal excellence to its clients through a centralized, interdisciplinary approach to the practice of law. In order to meet this commitment to provide the highest quality legal representation to our clients, we not only encourage our lawyers to further their careers by expanding their current practices, but also to broaden their expertise in emerging industries and new areas of law to meet unpredictable client demands. If you are ready to work in an environment where commitment to quality and community is the keystone of success, Lewis Roca Rothgerber is the right firm for you.

QUALITY OF LIFE - Work/Life Balance

There are other things in life besides the law. Lewis Roca Rothgerber lawyers have sophisticated practices without sacrificing everything else. We expect you to spend time with your family and friends. We expect you to pursue and expand your hobbies and interests. We understand that good lawyers are healthy, well-balanced people first. At Lewis Roca Rothgerber, our policies reflect a commitment to balancing hard work and quality of life.

We encourage our lawyers to take active roles in the community and the Bar, and we support their efforts to do so. Our lawyers are dedicated to a variety of charitable, pro bono, and community activities and serve on many non-profit, bar association, and minority bar boards and committees. To name just a few examples, our lawyers have served and held leadership roles with the American College of Trial Lawyers, the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers, the Super Bowl Host Committee, Ballet Arizona, Nevada Opera, SafeHouse Denver, and the Boys and Girls Club.