January 2011

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The National Football League (NFL) will play its 45th annual championship game, more commonly known as the SUPER BOWL, on Sunday, February 6, 2011. The game will pit the Green Bay Packers against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The SUPER BOWL mark is protected by trademark law, as are the team names, and businesses planning promotions centered around the game should use the SUPER BOWL mark and/or team names cautiously.

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The home page at Blingville, LLC’s website (www.blingville.com) currently reads “New Facebook Game Coming Soon!” On August 18, 2010, Blingville, a West Virginia company, announced on its Facebook page that it had begun working on this new Facebook game, and the game has been in Beta testing since then. But will Blingville have to change its name? read more
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Innovation is a common buzzword these days, as companies search for new and unique ways to distinguish themselves and even turn a profit. How do companies large and small stand out among their competitors in today’s economy? How does a company turn an idea into a billion dollar intellectual asset, which ultimately strengthens its balance sheet and/or attractiveness to potential investors or purchasers? One way is to better understand how to build a solid brand identity that stands out and outlasts the others. When brand clearance and management is an afterthought that follows instead of intersects with the creative process, companies fail to take full advantage of the value of that brand. Companies with an understanding and appreciation for all of the factors that go into building an effective, competitive branding campaign will reap the benefits of a brand identity that enjoys strength, longevity, a more significant impact on the marketplace, and a far greater return on the initial investment. read more
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The Western District of Washington is allowing the Microsoft Corporation to move forward with claims for contributory cybersquatting under the Anti-Cybersquatting Protection Act (ACPA) and contributory dilution under the Lanham Act. In an order denying the defendants’ motion to dismiss Microsoft’s claims, the court stated that causes of action for contributory cybersquatting and contributory dilution had never been directly addressed by statute or appellate courts.

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Ever wonder where the UGG brand name originated?  According to a recently filed suit in the District of Minnesota, in the early days of aviation, Australian pilots wrapped their feet and legs with sheepskin to keep warm in unheated airplanes.  Allegedly, the wraps were so ugly, the pilots referred to them as “UGGS.” 

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