October 2012

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Today we bring you Part Two of an article authored by our partner Ms. Emily Bayton and published by Law360 on October 16, 2012.  You can check out Part One of the article here: http://www.lrlaw.com/ipblog/blog.aspx?entry=601 read more
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As an intellectual property lawyer and avid sports fan, I’m always interested in a case involving the legal intersection between sports and IP. There are plenty of IP issues facing the sports industry. Like any other industry, it’s driven by money, much of which is generated from IP. From licensing of team names and logos, to broadcast and sponsorship rights, to merchandise deals, IP plays a large role in the value of the sports industry.

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Any company or individual that works with technology may have to deal with patents. Even companies that do not patent their own products or services may nevertheless be impacted by patent law. While certain high-profile patent cases (Apple-Samsung) have featured large patent-holders on both sides, patent lawsuits may also be brought against small companies (start-up) that do not have any patents in their arsenal.

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