March 2010

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Melvin L. Vinson recently filed a trademark infringement suit against NIKE in the Western District of Wisconsin alleging trademark infringement and unfair competition based on Vinson’s trademark registrations for the MELO and MELO GEAR and Design marks for shirts, pants, hats and other apparel. 

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Worth an estimated $19 million, the trademark TAVERN ON THE GREEN has become the subject of a bitter feud between the City of New York’s municipal government, and the descendant’s of Warren LeRoy, the last restaurateur to operate the establishment until its doors were closed in December of 2009.  The City has owned the parcel of land situated on the southwestern edge of Central Park since 1934.  The land, initially housed a sheep barn, but was renovated that same year to accommodate a seasonal restaurant called Tavern on the Green, which was so named by then Parks Commissioner, Robert Moses.  The City continued to pay the bulk of the costs for subsequent renovations.

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Last month, French high-end accessories manufacturer Louis Vuitton filed a lawsuit in federal court in New York against Hyundai Motor America over the use of an alleged imitation of the Louis Vuitton trademark on a commercial aired during the XLIV Super Bowl. read more
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Section 411(a) of the Copyright Act of 1976 (the "Copyright Act”) states, in part, the following: “no civil action for infringement of the copyright in any United States work shall be instituted until preregistration or registration of the copyright claim has been made in accordance with this title.” 17 U.S.C. § 411(a). read more
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Having won the Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Screenplay, you would think that the players behind the film would be riding high on their success. But, they’ve still got a pretty major lawsuit still hanging over their heads. read more
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The following is a list of web resources you may find useful in your pursuit of Intellectual Property information.  read more
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In a precedential decision issued February 5, 2010, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board granted a Motion for Summary Judgment filed by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) in a case pending against an individual, Richard Tucker, related to his registration and pending application for “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS” for clothing. Texas Department of Transportation v. Richard Tucker, Cancellation No. 92030882 and Opposition No. 91165417 (February 5, 2010) [precedential]. read more