June 2010

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Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc., the owner of Thomas' English Muffins, Oroweat brand breads and the recently launched Sandwich Thins, received a preliminary injunction against its former Vice President of Operations for California, Chris Botticella, preventing him from working for its competitor, Hostess Brands.  The reason: Botticella was privy to nearly all of Bimbo's trade secrets.

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June 16, 2010 8:13 PM | Posted by Hiscox, Frank S. | Permalink
One of the greatest challenges facing those who market innovative products or services, is educating consumers about what the new products or services are, and what they can do for the consumer. Consumers usually won't buy something unless they understand what it is and have reason to want it. And one of the greatest tools available to the marketer to help meet this challenge is logical organization or categorization. If consumers can come to understand what the new thing is and what it does, the chances improve that they may want one, so if marketers can categorize the new thing as similar-to-but-better-than something familiar, chances improve that the consumer can develop a need or desire for it. As savvy marketers have known for many years, product categorization is the fundamentally important bedrock upon which much else rests, and whole categories of products and lines of specific products within them have been developed based on a clever marketer's recognition that consumers can, and will, draw finer and finer distinctions that influence their purchasing decisions if encouraged to do so. read more